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G-spot Vibrators
G-spot Vibrators

Trying to reach the magical G-spot which is located one to three inches up your front vaginal wall is "skill" not all will have, but by getting there and stimulating it will be the WOW factor!

When stimulated, the G-spot can give you the most powerfull orgasm you will ever have!  Female ejaculation is also very possible!  

Designed speacially for stimulating the G-spot, our G-spot vibrators will assist you or you partner with mission!

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Unlike the rest, this G-spot massager comes in a bright pretty pink and the groove at the handle makes it comfortable to hold. Its simplicity is what makes it amazingly easy to use and its size allows it to be carried everywhere.                     ..
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Here comes the triple sensation! Romantically crafted with your sensuality and senses in mind, this G-spot massager pushes you at the right three buttons: (1) clitorus,  (2) vaginal, and yes, best of all (3) G-spot stimulation!  ..
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A G-spot massager just can't get any cuter than this one! It comes with a loving handle that is shaped like a butterfly and its wings. The handle makes it easy for you to work its way all the way inside of you. It has a shaft that has a realistic shape and texture which will leave you feeling insati..
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A vibrator is a sex toy for the body and skin, to stimulate the nerves for a relaxing and pleasurable feeling. Some vibrators are designed to ergonomically stimulate erogenous zones for erotic stimulation. Vibrators may be recommended by sex therapists to women who have difficulty reaching orgasm..
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There is no way you can resist this. It comes in a sexy red and the sexiest design. Armed with a brilliant red shaft that is shaped and felt like a real thing, it does not just reach in to your deep warm folds.. It has a front lobe that shapes like a mini tooth brush which will give your clit the ri..
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This flowing design promises heady, intense pleasures. The big wave stimulates vaginally and thanks to its rounded form, always finds your G spot, plus the little wave takes care of clitoral or anal stimulation. »OCEAN« not only enchants with its unusual, ergonomic design and its "gentle touch" sil..
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 This beautiful G-spot vibrator comes with all your essentials: G-spot ready, clit stimulator, strong vibration, and a convenient handle. The top part of the shaft is thoughtfully curved and extended in a manner so you can reach your G-spot at ease. To give you maximum pleasure, the tip of the ..
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Traditional G-spot vibrator doesn't get as fun as this goes. It comes in a funky shape and funky purple. Its length and shape are modeled after a real penis. A magic wand of its own, one wave and it will make you shudder from head to toe asking for more magic! The tip of the vibrator is specially de..
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IRIS is artistically inspired - there is little doubt about that, but unlike other objects of beauty, she is meant for so much more than merely display. An elegant vibrator with soft petal-like ridges that deliver exquisite sensations within, IRIS is fully-rechargeable and made from the smoothest bo..
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MONA™ 2 is the upgraded version of LELO’s popular full-feeling G-Spot vibrator, now with 100% increased vibration power alongside fully-waterproof versatility. Made with smooth, body- safe silicone, MONA™ 2 boasts six powerful stimulation modes and curves in all the right places. No other G-Spot mas..
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OCEAN - a lively vibrator for intense surges of sensation. The elegant little double wave stimulates the CLITORIS and vagina, plus it pleasures the G-SPOT. With waterproof toys from the SmartVIBES series you can surf any wave of desire. You won't find a beard or long hair on this OCEAN. While ..
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Powerful vibrations in combination with a wavy shaft – PATCHY PAUL stimulates and seduces, always full of fantasy. With technical perfection PATCHY PAUL gets right to the point – the G-spot, the climax and beyond. This vibrator from the SmartVIBES series is blessed with an exciting wavy shaft,..
Ex Tax: $119.95
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With intense VIBRATIONS and a wavy shaped shaft the PATCHY PAUL whisks women off to a land of desire – from G-SPOT to climax. An erotic trip you won't forget.  Thanks to its exciting, wavy body PATCHY PAUL bestows real moments of incredible highs and thrilling sensations right from the fi..
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