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Mini Corn Toy Vibrator XQJ02

Brand: Orgasmtool
Product Code: PLZ2013-XQJ02
Reward Points: 8
Availability: 3
Ex Tax: $8.95

This corn vibrator is very different from the rest - it has all the grooves (corn) all over it, so when you slide it all the way in, the extra grooves will rub you in every direction possible and you'll be feeling different sensations all over! For enhance pleasure, perhaps you can apply some lube on the corn, and then slowly, but surely, slide it in all the way and let it roar inside of you. Otherwise, you can also rub it on your clit, or better still, activate the vibration and massage your slit up and down for a brand new experience. You might just be popping like a popcorn! You might not enjoy corn, but this will change your mind and make you want more. 

Color Choice of colors as shown on picture.
Size Pocket sized for convenient and easy storage. 2.5×11.5CM
IP Rate 100% waterproof.
Material Grade Hypoallergenic, nontoxic and phthalate free.
Material Type Made from 100% safe non-porous hard plastic.
Weight 80g
Operation Systems
Speed/Vibrating Mode Strong vibration mode.

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