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Glass Dildos - Cherry Swirl and Bums YM-007

Brand: Orgasmtool
Product Code: PLZ2013-YM-007
Reward Points: 36
Availability: 4
Ex Tax: $36.95

Yet another beautiful glass dildo. What's the best part of it? Try heating it up with warm/hot water or really cold ice-water, and then slide it up your love holes, the differences in temperature will make you squeak in pleasure! This dildo promises you many treats - the bottom half of the shaft is coated in pinkish ribs, while the top part of the shaft is covered in bright pink bumps. It's all groove up to ensure you a volcanic experience. As you slide it in, you can feel the differences created by the different textures, and not before long, you'll be hopping up and down, shoving the dildo in and out of yourself. You'll never know that you have that much ferocity in you. Something else that other dildos cannot provide you with? The sparkling outlook of the dildo will make you feel as though you're in a dreamland... and watch, just watch as you coat it with all your love juices... we think it's yummy, don't you think so too? 

Shape Unqiue design for extra sensation and feel.
Size 23cm length by 5.9cm diameter. (estimated)
Material Grade 100% Safe.
Material Type High quality medical grade pyrex glass. High durability tempered glass.
Weight 647.5g
Working Condition Works well with Hot or Cold tempretured water.

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