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Glass Dildos - Cherry Rabbit Swirl YM-008

Brand: Orgasmtool
Product Code: PLZ2013-YM-008
Reward Points: 36
Availability: 4
Ex Tax: $36.95

Exquisite and delicate - that's what entails this dildo. It's a beautifully made glass dildo that has your pleasure in mind. This uniquely shaped dildo is curved at the perfect angle and enlarged at the head, so playing with your G-spot is no longer a dream! Just look at the shaft - it's covered in bright transparent pinkish swirls, a tantalising sight, and certainly a delicious treat for your pussy as the ribs rub against your love hole. The handle is lovingly designed so you can hold on to this dildo easily, as you slip it in and out of you. Don't miss out on the little rabbit, that can be mistaken as a sexy viper. As you grind yourself on the dildo, the rabbit, or little snake, will hold on to your clit, teasing you to no end. As it's made of glass, you can try it in warm water, or pre-cool the dildo and use it while you're all hot over. Experiment, and play with it, and decide for yourself, whether you want to be the rabbit, or the viper. 

Shape Unqiue design for extra sensation and feel.
Size 25cm length by 3.6cm diameter. (estimated)
Material Grade 100% Safe.
Material Type High quality medical grade pyrex glass. High durability tempered glass.
Weight 472.5g
Working Condition Works well with Hot or Cold tempretured water.

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