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Andro Gold Extender

Brand: Orgasmtool
Product Code: PTZ2013-MGC-MG300B
Reward Points: 169
Availability: 4
Ex Tax: $169.95

What IS The Andropenis? 

The Androextender is a penis stretcher designed to increase erection size over prolonged use. Based on reception alone, it definitely works as described and from what clinical statistics portray, user satisfaction is positively acclaimed.
How we know it works? Thanks to the numerous endorsements and assessments performed on the device. Physicians from all over the world endorse Andromedical and their products. To name a few, you have Dr. Hellstrom from the USA who concentrates in Urology and is the director of Andrology, Dr. Moncade of Spain, chief of Urology at the Gregorio Maranon Hospital and Dr Faix of France, a renowned Andrologist, Sexologist and Director of the Mediterranean Centre for Sexology and Andrology, as well as Urologist at the Beausoleil de Montpellier Clinic.

Does it Have A Good Reputation?
Andromedical, the company responsible this extender used to promote penile growth, offers various penis enhancement treatments that are all worth their weight in gold. They make extenders for just about every reason you could need one for, with certifications and licenses that signify the specific use for all of their devices and designated treatments.
You probably just want to know if it works, right? Well it does, but the only way you will believe this is if you can read about the data to back our assertions.
Oh, what’s this? The British Journal Of Urology International posted a study performed by Paolo Gontero, Massimiliano Di Marco, Gianluca Giubilei, Riccardo Bartoletti, Giovanni Pappagallo, Alessandro Tizzani, Nicola Mondaini regarding the ‘efficacy’ and tolerability of a penile-extender device in the treatment of ‘short penis’.
While the results were not outstanding, this was well needed proof penile traction does and can work. The study would have probably been more worthwhile if a better penis extender had been used, although despite this, considerable erectile function improvements and length / girth expansion was noted from using the Andropenis. Nearly two inches in growth was documented!

Why The Andropenis Is One Of The Best Penis Extenders?

Even though we recommend this device as our number four pick, it still has much to offer if you are the type of person that wants a certified traction device, backed by a committee of doctors and is distributed from a licensed manufacturing facility, that is constructed with only medical grade components having been tested and proven to increase erection size and performance.With that said, lets gear this review toward the specifics of the device and all of the packages this enlargement device is offered in

Advantages Of The Androextender?

These reasons are what precisely what make a penis extender a device worthy of medical use and proper enhancement.

1. It is a high caliber and quality product.
2. No other oral treatment is required. Supplementation can significantly enhance treatment though.
3. Clinical data representing its legitimacy is accessible and proves its efficiency.
4. Various packages offered that meet your requirements.
5. Secure and very easy ordering process, including superlative customer support with your purchase for any question, concern, or inquiry you may have.

You should review the disadvantages as well, which are as follows:
1. Andropenis is not the most comfortable extender, resulting in our number four recommendation. This is one of the most important qualities of any traction device.
2. This device is one of the most expensive currently. However, you cannot put a price on safety and effectiveness. The amount of certificates and licensing accompanying the device gives it a huge advantage, which comes with a price.
3. The Andromedical website is not too user friendly. It can be hard to navigate at times and is confusing to an extent, but it offers almost every resource you could possibly need to find the information you are looking for.

How Effectvice Is Andropenis?
The Andropenis device has serviced over 350,00 patients all around the world. We would say it has made quite a name for itself. These numbers push Andromedical near the top as one of the most successful and largest extender providers ever.
This history is in the making and contributing to the medical use of penile traction as a safe and noninvasive natural penis enlargement treatment option. A much better and needed option over surgery any day of the week.  Good quality, the most professional penis extender.

Function * Penis growth of up to 30% length and 20% girth. * Straighten penis curvature. * Bigger, stronger and healthier penis. * Extendable length with twenty extra rods.
Material Grade * High quality materials.

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