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Brand: Sakai
Product Code: PLZ2013-SAK-TTTY0077
Reward Points: 23
Availability: 4
Ex Tax: $23.45

You can't know what's inside until you try it! On the outside, it looks like I am just a regular can of soft drinks that you carry with you. Yes, that's the purpose. I don't look like it, but in fact, I am your strength booster that you can carry with me everywhere. Ever feel so tired working or getting bored at something? Time to get your boost of the day! Worry not, if you are not sure how this is going to go, all you need to do is just to try it! Steal to the bathroom, sit back (or stand if you wish), and come on in. Slide your boner in and out, and squeeze on to my "body", and feel my "vagina muscles" contracting on you, enveloping you from all angles. Pump me as fast or as slow as you want, use me as many times as you want, and then when you are finally done, ejaculate, all the way, and let me take care of you. If you want more, I am ever ready too. 

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