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Brand: Sakai
Product Code: PLZ2013-SAK-TTTY0031
Reward Points: 25
Availability: 4
Ex Tax: $25.95

Welcome home, my Lord. Yes, home is where I am at. I know you've been hard at work today, so let me give you a treat. I feel nice to touch and I am all warmed up. Come and relief yourself by sliding your member into me and I will make sure you are pampered with a good massage. My opening is tight and my vulva lips feel better than a real woman's. Once you are in, I will be working all over on your shaft and your head. I will give your shaft equal attention everywhere, massaging it all over the place. Your head, I will be frolicking with it; tease, suck, squeeze...  As your pre-cum oozes out and as it gets warmer, I will make you go in deeper. Finally, it is time. All you need to do is just to relax, and let all your load out. Release them all on me as I can take them all. Fill me up and make me full. I won't stop contracting my inner walls until you erupt in victory! YUUUMMMMMM! 

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