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Brand: Sakai
Product Code: PLZ2013-SAK-TTTY0097
Reward Points: 25
Availability: 4
Ex Tax: $25.95

Think you know everything about a woman? Think again. You might know how we are structured, but you don't know how much we can do and just how long we can do it. I am made of flesh that mimics a woman's sacred temple, so I feel like a real one. The difference is, you can play with me as long as you want. I have a tight opening and a pair of lips which mimics that of a virgin's. As you enter me, you can feel my tightness closing in on you. You'll be exploring  fountains of orgasm, except that unbeknownst to you, I can do more than that. I have a structure that mimics the tight core muscles of the butt too, so as we embrace each other, it will be difficult for you to tell whether this is my front, or my back. But fear not, experiencing both is always a dream for most men. You'll adapt quickly, and then, you'll want me all the time.  

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